Cultural Profile; Hofstede’s 5 Dimensions Essay

One of many important influences that shapes folks’s traits is tradition. Tradition could be seen as unwritten guidelines of how we do specific issues completely different from one human group to a different and due to this fact tradition separates teams of individuals (Geert Hofstede). This is applicable to all form of teams, reminiscent of nationwide, but in addition organizational. On this task I'll examine to what extent the outcomes of my private cultural profile match the profile of my home tradition (Dutch) utilizing the 5 dimensions mannequin (Hofstede, Hofstede and Minkov, 2010).

Subsequent to that I'll talk about if the outcomes of my cultural profile current me properly, based on my opinion. After graduating, I wish to work in Spain, for a Spanish firm, due to this fact I may also be utilizing this task to research how my cultural profile matches the Spanish one. Characterizations of organizations are mirrored in organizational processes, thus tradition will also be seen in organizational processes. That is necessary for after I begin working as a supervisor in Spain, as a result of a special tradition causes completely different insurance policies and procedures, techniques, planning and management, communication and decision-making processes (Schneider and Barsoux, 2003).

The 5 dimensions will assist me to seek out these variations between my very own tradition and the Spanish tradition.

My cultural profile

When a enterprise is working in a single than extra nation, the basic administration duties, reminiscent of planning and organizing, are the identical for every nation. Nonetheless, managers will expertise far more difficulties when performing administration on a world scale, resulting from variations within the financial, political and sociocultural atmosphere between international locations (Daft, Kendrick and Vershinina, 2010). Regarding the sociocultural atmosphere, every nation has completely different “shared information, beliefs, values, in addition to the frequent modes of behaviour and methods of considering amongst members of a society” (Daft et al., 2010, p. 137). A supervisor offers with folks and with the intention to achieve success internationally, a supervisor ought to notice that folks include a special background, supplied by their tradition (Hofstede, 1994).

Many definitions of tradition have appeared, nonetheless probably the most used definitions is the one developed by the cross-cultural professional, Geert Hofstede, who defines it as “the collective programming of the thoughts which distinguishes the members of 1 class of individuals from one other” (Hofstede, 1994, p. 1). To get a deal with on native cultures a supervisor has to know the variations in social values. This may be executed through the use of the 5 dimensions of nationwide worth techniques that affect organizational and worker working relationships (Daft et al., 2012).

Energy distance “signifies the extent to which a society accepts the unequal distribution of energy in establishments and organizations” (Schneider and Barsoux, 2003, p. 87). In accordance with my cultural profile I rating comparatively excessive on this dimension (see determine 1), which might imply that I want to work in organizations the place there are lots of ranges of hierarchy and a excessive proportion of supervisory personnel and the place the method of decision-making is centralized. Additionally an excellent relationship with my supervisor could be essential and I’m sfraid to specific any disagreement with him. This isn't consistent with the Dutch tradition, as a result of the facility distance is lots decrease in Dutch organizations and though the Spanish tradition has the next rating on this dimension, it's nonetheless lots decrease than the rating of my cultural profile (see determine 2).

Spanish organizations are hierarchical and there may be extra respect for one another than in Dutch ones, for instance, critique about ones supervisor isn't tolerated and also you don’t begin a dialogue together with your supervisor. So when working there as a supervisor I ought to take heed to the truth that my workers don’t present me with damaging suggestions and seek for little indicators with the intention to uncover the true issues. For my part my actual rating on this dimension is extra common, as a result of though I respect an excellent relationship with my supervisor and I don’t discover it essential that he includes me in each determination, I’m not afraid to share my complaints or disagreements with him and I wish to work in an atmosphere the place isn't plenty of hierarchy, however a wider span of management and equal rights.

Individualism “displays the extent to which individuals want to handle themselves and their instant households, remaining emotionally unbiased from teams, organizations and different collectivities” (Schneider and Barsoux, 2003, p. 87). The outcomes of my cultural profile present that I’m very individualistic (see determine 1). This is able to imply that I want particular person determination making as a supervisor and that I ought to work in a company had been particular person initiative and energy are extra appreciated than consensus and cooperation. Are also ample time for my private life and selection and journey in my job essential. Lastly, there may be not a lot consideration for good bodily working situations and worker safety. The outcomes of my cultural profile match very properly with the Dutch tradition, which is certainly very individualistic. Taking a look at Spain, it has a mean rating.(see determine 2). So in a Spanish group teamwork can also be not thought of as one thing completely pure, however individuals are in actual fact extra frightened about shedding face . Additionally they're very loyal to their household and their private lives and work are extra blended with one another than in individualistic cultures, so the important thing to an excellent enterprise relationship, is an effective private relationship.

I feel the outcomes of my cultural profile on this dimension represents me properly, as a result of I agree upon virtually all of the earlier options that describe an individualistic tradition. Nonetheless I do assume that there ought to be sufficient consideration for good bodily working situations. Uncertainty avoidance “refers to a society’s discomfort with uncertainty, preferring predictability and stability” (Schneider and Barsoux, 2003, p. 87). Based mostly on the outcomes of my cultural profile, it may be said that I rating comparatively low on this dimension (see determine 1). This is able to imply that I wish to work in a company the place there's a low degree of formalization evident in a small quantity of written guidelines and procedures and that guidelines could be damaged when it's within the curiosity of the agency, additionally there wouldn't be plenty of specialization in defining features and jobs and competitors between colleagues is seen as an excellent factor. As a supervisor I might not keep away from taking any dangers.

The rating based on my cultural profile is kind of just like the one of many Dutch profile, nonetheless Spain scores larger on the uncertainty dimension (see determine 2). Spanish folks wish to have guidelines for the whole lot and adjustments trigger stress, however, on the similar time, they keep away from guidelines and legal guidelines that make life extra advanced. Confrontation is prevented because it causes nice stress and scales as much as the private degree in a short time (Geert-Hofstede/Spain). F or me as a supervisor that is necessary to know, as a result of I’m used to working in conditions the place guidelines, adjustments and confrontations aren't prevented simply because they trigger stress. For my part the rating of my cultural profile represents me properly on this dimension, as a result of the traits of a low uncertainty avoidance describe me properly.

Masculinity/femininity” reveals the bias in the direction of both ‘masculine’ values of assertiveness, competitiveness, and materialism, or in the direction of ‘female’ values of nurturing, and the standard of life and relationships” (Schneider and Barsoux, 2003, p. 87). My rating could be very low (see determine 1), which signifies that I might be female, so I’m very involved with nurturing social relationships and my position as a supervisor to safeguard worker well-being and to exhibit concern for social accountability. Nonetheless, a change for development and promotion wouldn't be so necessary. Simply as me, the Dutch tradition can also be very female, however the Spanish tradition is a bit bit extra masculine (see determine 2). I feel that I’m certainly very female, as a result of I respect an excellent social relationship with others and as a supervisor I might be involved about my workers well-being. Nonetheless, I discover a chance for achievement and development in my job additionally necessary.

Long run/brief time period orientation is “The extent to which a society displays a realistic future-oriented perspective fairly than a traditional historic or short-term standpoint” (De Mooij, 2010, p. 85). In accordance with my outcomes I've a mean rating on this dimension, simply because the Dutch tradition. Spain scores fairly low on this dimension, thus is short-term oriented. Spanish folks wish to dwell within the second, and not using a nice concern in regards to the future and folks search for fast outcomes with out delays. Furthermore, there's a want for clear buildings and properly outlined guidelines to make life extra relaxed, significantly, in the long run time


In accordance with Hofstede et al. (2010), a complete nations tradition could be described by measuring 5 dimensions with solely 18 questions. I feel this quantity of questions is kind of low, and I ponder in the event that they actually seize every facet of each dimension. Additionally, as a result of the unique knowledge is already 40 years previous, you may assume that with the technical improvements and worldwide commerce, and due to this fact the globalization, completely different cultures have influenced each other and cultural integration has taken locations.

It is likely to be that the core of any nationwide tradition isn't so static in spite of everything, with the end result that nationwide cultures are increasingly being blended, which is able to perhaps ultimately create a ‘international tradition’. If this is able to be the case, the unique knowledge about all of the nationwide cultures won't consultant anymore. Nonetheless, after answering the 18 questions the outcomes confirmed many resemblanches between my cultural profile and the cultural profile of my residence nation, so Hofstede’s work is in actual fact very precious. Additionally I feel it's a good factor that Hofstede everytime tries to enhance and increase his work, by including new dimensions, utilizing new findings.


Evaluating the scores of my cultural profile and the Dutch profile, it may be concluded that these two cultural profiles match very properly. Allthough my rating on the facility distance dimension is lots larger than the rating of the Dutch cultural on the identical dimension, the scores of the remaining 4 dimensions are fairly comparable. Thus it has appeared that my home tradition has certainly plenty of affect on my private tradition, when utilizing Hofstede’s 5 dimensions.

It additionally confirmed that there are a many cultural variations between my tradition and the Spanish tradition, as a result of it’s extra collectivistic, there's a larger uncertainty avoidance, it’s extra masculine and it’s extra short-term oriented. When combining the size lots in regards to the Spanish procedures, techniques, communication and decision-making processes could be said , which could be very usefull for after I begin working for an organization in Spain, as a result of there are plenty of issues which they do in a different way than what I’m used to, so it will likely be actually onerous for me and it'll most likely take some time for me to cool down as a supervisor and to regulate to their procedures and to get used to them. Nonetheless, I nonetheless see it as a pleasant alternative and problem to ultimately begin working in Spain, as a result of I’ll study lots from it and it'll enhance my cultural intellegence.


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