Digital Clinical Experience (DCE): Health History Assessment essay
Home>Nursing homework help urgent PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION BELOW: 3 TO 5 REFERENCES NOT MORE THAN 5 YRS ZERO PLAGIARISM PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED RUBRIC DETAILS, TEMPLATE, AND DOCUMENT In Week 3, you began your DCE: Health History Assessment. For this week, you will complete this Health History Assessment in your simulation tool, Shadow Health, and finalize it for submission. To Prepare Review this week's Learning Resources as well as the Taking a Health History media program in Week 3, and consider how you might incorporate these strategies. Download and review the Student Checklist: Health History Guide and the History Subjective Data Checklist, provided in this week's Learning Resources, to guide you through the necessary components of the assessment. Review the DCE (Shadow Health) Documentation Template for Health History found in this week’s Learning Resources and use this template to complete your Documentation Notes for this DCE Assignment. Access and log in to Shadow Health using the link in the left-hand navigation of the Blackboard classroom. Review the Shadow Health Student Orientation media program and the Useful Tips and Tricks document provided in the week’s Learning Resources to guide you through Shadow Health. Review the Week 4 DCE Health History Assessment Rubric, provided in the Assignment submission area, for details on completing the Assignment. -research paper writing service