DEVRY HRM598 WEEK 1 and week 2 discussions
WEEK 1Compensation Definition and Methods (graded)What's your definition of compensation? How do views on compensation differ, and why does that matter? What types of pay are utilized in your group, and are they efficient in motivating efficiency?Compensation Methods and Organizations (graded)Take a look at the compensation methods of Google, Nucor, and Merrill Lynch (see Exhibit 2.1 within the textual content). Talk about these firms' compensation methods, and see whether or not there's a match between group and technique (See Exhibit 2.1 within the textual content and take a look at these firms' web sites, and many others.). Are the enterprise situations, clients served, and worker abilities the identical for every? If not, how are they completely different? What are the compensation methods utilized by your group (or the final firm you labored with)?WEEK 2Job Evaluation (graded)Job evaluation has been thought of the cornerstone of human useful resource administration. What's job evaluation? Describe the job evaluation course of. What are some challenges with the job evaluation course of? How does it help managers making pay choices?Inside Consistency (graded)What's a pay construction? Talk about the components that affect inner pay constructions. Primarily based by yourself expertise and analysis, which components do you're feeling are crucial? Why are these most vital? What impression have they got on the design of the inner pay constructions?