HomeworkQuestion: Antitrust Practices and Market PowerResearch authoritative articles utilizing the information and the DeVry On-line Library ("> for a current case of antitrust investigation. You're free to decide on a case from any trade and any a part of the world. Based mostly on the case you've gotten chosen, reply the next questions.Why was/have been the agency(s) investigated for antitrust habits?Establish among the prices (pecuniary and nonpecuniary) related to the antitrust habits (corporations having energy out there). Moreover, word the particular antitrust act (Sherman Act, Clayton Act, and so on.) below which the violation was investigated.Given your analysis and findings, are monopolies and oligopolies (corporations demonstrating energy) at all times dangerous for society? Remember to present actual world examples of the place this can be the case to strengthen your place.Present at the very least one instance of a case the place having a monopoly or oligopoly may very well profit the society.Based mostly in your findings to the questions listed above, write a report with a minimal of 300 phrases in essay format in APA type (use the APA template in Doc Sharing), utilizing appropriate financial phrases lined within the discussions. For those who ONLY write 300 phrases, you in all probability won’t have the ability to totally reply the questions.Key ideas to incorporate in your paper embody the next.Monopoly Market StructureOligopoly Market StructureBarriers to Entry Into the MarketNatural MonopolyGovernment MonopolyDownward Sloping Demand CurveEconomies of ScalePrice FixingCollusionMonopoly PricingPrice MakerMarket PowerEconomic ProfitsImperfect CompetitionRent-Searching for BehaviorX-InefficiencyDeadweight Loss to SocietyMarginal CostMarginal RevenueAntitrustYou should use at minimal at the very least one article from the DeVry On-line Library. Observe: Though your textbook is an efficient supply of data, it's NOT an article andcannot be the one sourcefor the project. Cite all of your references in APA format. You should use the Citations & Bibliography perform of Microsoft Phrase, which is discovered below the References tab.Submit your project to the Dropbox situated on the silver tab on the prime of this web page. For directions on how one can use the Dropbox, learn these">step-by-step directions or watch this">Dropbox Tutorial.See the Syllabus part "Due Dates for Assignments & Exams" for due date data.