Cultural diversity week final paper


Autobiographical Essay: Who Am I?

 A typed, 6-10 web page paper (not than 10 pages, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margin, excluding title and reference pages), based mostly on the next factors:

 Proof learn rigorously. Your grade will probably be considerably lowered in case your paper has quite a few spelling/grammatical errors.

 In as a lot element as attainable, talk about your background, when it comes to the next dimensions of variety. Talk about all 7 factors beneath and quantity each.

1. Atmosphere: the type(s) of neighborhood(ies) during which you grew up and at the moment reside (i.e. massive metropolis, suburb, small city, rural space; neighborhood)

2. Social Class Background: your social class as you grew up. Clarify. Describe the sorts of jobs held and stage of schooling of those that raised you. What have been the social class ranges of your neighbors? Did you and your loved ones expertise upward and/or downward social mobility? Clarify. And at last, how have your experiences within the U.S. influenced your concepts concerning the “American dream?”

three. Social Heritage: your racial, ethnic, and spiritual background (not everybody will determine with all three). How necessary have been these features of your identification to you as you grew up? How have they formed your values and targets? Clarify.

four. Social and Financial Alternatives: benefits and downsides you've gotten skilled in society as a consequence of your wealth, gender, and cultural background. How have these benefits and downsides affected you at college, at work, and/or within the bigger neighborhood?

5. Cultural Encapsulation: methods during which your upbringing has restricted your publicity to different individuals from different cultures and races. Additionally, how has your cultural encapsulation formed your cultural lens?

6. Range Consciousness: methods during which your loved ones background, life experiences, and schooling have influenced your variety consciousness. What do you assume will probably be your most tough problem as you're employed on growing your personal variety consciousness?

7. Sphere of Affect: what's your “sphere of affect?” In different phrases, whom do you “contact” or affect at this time, and whom will you affect sooner or later? Be as particular as attainable.

 You may be graded on a variety of standards (readability, growth, every query answered totally, creativity, understanding of the ideas).