Cross training & Job rotation
Cross training will give employees the ability to take on new responsibilities and tasks and perhaps learn more about a position that they might be better suited for in the future. I would like to add something that relates to organizational behavior. We all have talents and skills that will help a company in various ways if used properly. Some companies are not as competitive as they could be because they are not utilizing individual's skills appropriately. Companies must learn how to read and understand organizational behavior as it relates to individual talents and skills so people can be placed into the most beneficial position for the company and the individual. My family company has taken employees and shifted them around into different positions because they have a greater impact on the overall success of the company. People are never put into lower-profile positions; however, some employees are better suited for different positions where they can create the most opportunity for themselves and help the company growth.     That being said, are there times or types of organizations where cross-training may not be of benefit? What factors determine how effective cross training would be and why it's a viable option for organizational development?