The Four Corner Hustlers Essay

The Four Corner Hustlers originated on Chicago’s Westside in the early 1970’s. The organization was founded by King Walter Wheat and Freddy “Malik” Gauge. Shortly after the Four Corner Hustlers emerged, they became allied with the Vice Lords street gang, becoming a faction and adopting Vice Lord symbols and colors. The gang operated as a […]

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White Collar Crime: Boiler Room Operations Essay

A researcher downloads copyrighted materials from the internet and shares the same to his friends and colleagues. A student enters the mainframe computer system of a government owned and controlled corporation and takes vital information from them. A person demands from another a certain sum of money in return for not revealing his secrets to […]

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Appeals Process Essay

Many times within a sentencing, an offender is given a certain time to file an appeal within. If they don’t appeal a verdict or decision within 30-days for example, they must wait until the ‘next go-around’ so to speak. Many times a certain amount of time must be served before an appeal can be filed. […]

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Criminology Essay

This essay is going to explain a crime definition, criminology development and two different crime theories: biological and psychological. Crimes have been an inseparable companion of humanity. It occures everywhere, from upper to lower class, but as long as there are people, there will always be crime. And due to this fact, along with the […]

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The No Snitching Act Essay

The “no snitching, no stitching” code, also known as the silence code, has resulted in an increase of violence, fear, and insecurity in the community. Before discussing the harm that it does, we must first become acquainted with what that term means. According to the Collins English Dictionary, a snitch means to steal; to turn […]

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True Crime Essay Essay

Marked for Death. Brian J. Karem. Avon, ISBN-10: 0060524715 , 304 pages. The novel ‘Marked for Death’ delivers a unique crime story based on confrontation between human dignity and morality, impact of drugs on human personality and search for happiness. This novel is an excellent literary piece which combines features of horror and crime stories, […]

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