Correlation and Regression
Correlation and Regression A survey was carried out to seek out the salaries for technicians working in upkeep at Atlanta Worldwide Airport. The variety of years spent in schooling was recorded as was their yearly wage. Under within the desk are the outcomes for this survey. Training (years) Revenue ($ ,000s) eight 20 12 28 10 27 20 55 16 45 18 60 13 29 12 25 16 37 14 32 a) Describe in phrases and statistical phrases the connection between the variety of years in schooling and corresponding wage earned. Talk about the outcomes when it comes to this pattern and the inhabitants basically. (50 factors) b) If William has 16 years in schooling what could be the anticipated yearly wage? (25 factors) c) If John solely has 5 years of schooling what wage would he count on on common? (25 factors)