Computer Science essay
MSDF-631 Midterm Study Guide The Midterm exam will consist of 22 multiple choice and true and false questions. You will have 2 hours to complete the exam in one setting or attempt. 1. What does the malware response plan phase consist of? 2. According to a Symantec’s Vice President, 45% of cyberattacks are caught by antivirus. 3. Where in the Windows computer filesystem that contains traces of malware? 4. What types or examples of malware? 5. What is a trojan horse (malware)? 6. What are the 6 steps of effective malware response plan include? 7. What is known as “hash” values? 8. Data should be collected in the order of volatility in a live system. 9. What information can be learned by “web browsing history”? 10. What is Wireshark? How can it help in data forensics? 11. What is known by “digital impression”? 12. What tools can help with monitoring execution / installation of programs? 13. What is “Host Integrity Monitors”? 14. What does “Online Malware scanners” do? 15. What is meant by “embedded artifacts”? 16. What is meant by “file profiling”? 17. Can Live Windows systems contain volatile data that can be lost when the system is shuts down? 18. Will a computer worm require host program to infect a system? 19. Early containment can mitigate the spread of malware and prevent further damage. 20. What are the two areas of memory required to be captured of Windows when analyzing? 21. What information most memory forensic tools commonly provide? -research paper writing service