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This is a group assignment. Carefully take your time to review the case study before addressing the question. This group assignment is divided into 3 parts: Three Key Contract Terms Analysis:- DISCUSSION & CONCLUSIONS 2. Two Environmental, Political, etc. Risks: DISCUSSION & CONCLUSIONS 3. Two Key Procurements: DISCUSSION & CONCLUSIONS My own portion is to address number 2: 2. Two Environmental, Political, etc. Risks: DISCUSSION & CONCLUSIONS Identify two environmental, political, coordination, and other risks as defined in the PMBOK that affected the procurements for the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge, and explain how TNC appears to have addressed such risks from a procurement standpoint. Your review and case analysis of the project should focus on the procurement issues from the viewpoint of Tacoma Narrows Constructors (TNC) as buyer, and not from the standpoint of WSDOT. The case analysis must specifically analyze selected project procurements, and how those procurements may or may not have followed the three PMBOK 6th Edition procurement processes. Your analysis should also focus any legal issues that might have affected the selected procurements. I attached the case study for your reference. -research paper writing service