Compare and contrast phases of the french revolution
1. Evaluate and distinction two of three phases of the French Revolution. 2. Talk about Toussaint L'Ouverture's involvement within the Haitian Revolution together with the circumstances of his dying. three. Talk about the congress of Vienna, together with the main outcomes, and its significance. four. Identify and clarify Marx' 5 phases of historical past. 5. Talk about the Alliance System, together with the way it straight led to World Struggle I. 6. Identify and clarify 5 of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Factors. 7. Talk about the occasions of the February and October Revolutions 1917, together with their outcomes. eight. Hint the rise of both Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin to energy, together with the management roles they every occupied of their respective international locations. 9. Clarify Japanese imperialism within the 1930's, together with any repercussions from their actions. 10.Talk about a minimum of three ways in which World Struggle II was an instance of whole struggle. 11.Evaluate and distinction how Communist Governments got here to energy in China and Cuba. 12.Select three international locations (excluding the US and the united states) and clarify how the Chilly Struggle impacted them. 13.Clarify how the Vietnam Struggle Lastly ended. 14.Describe 2 wars from the Arab-Israeli Battle 15.Clarify the occasions of the 1980s that led to the autumn of the Soviet Union.