Comparative Politics paper
Your first job is to summarize the federal government and politics of every nation. Is it a democracy or an authoritarian authorities? The place does energy reside within the nation? What number of political events are there? How lengthy has the present regime been in place? If there are elections, are they free and truthful? How is the federal government structured? Is it a federal or unitary system? What are the main political points dominating the nation proper now? How robust is the economic system? What sort of financial system do they use? Please DO NOT merely summarize data out there elsewhere – anybody can try Wikipedia – however attempt to transcend to clarify why the federal government and politics of your nation perform like they do. Is there a particular historical past that shapes present politics? Are there geographic concerns which might be essential? Ethnic, spiritual, or cultural divisions? Upon getting mentioned every of the nations individually, you must examine the 2. How are they totally different and the way are they comparable? What appears to clarify the variations? Is it historical past? Geography? Political tradition? Governance? Attempt to transcend simply saying “nation X has the sort of authorities, nation Y has this kind”. Your purpose needs to be to think about explanation why your two nations may differ. That is the toughest, and most speculative, a part of the paper.