Company Description & Evaluation Instructions essay
Instructions Part I: Your Organization Write a brief (150-200 words) summary about the organization you plan to focus on throughout the course. What service/product is sold to whom and for what? Then, describe the following aspects of your chosen organization: 1. Problem-Solving Process Think of a recent issue that you have been made aware of. Detail how that problem was solved using the problem-solving model steps detailed in the text: 1. Identify the problem(s). 2. Understand the problem’s unique characteristics. 3. Define solution requirements - be specific about company policies in place. 4. Identify possible solutions. 5. Select the best solution. 6. Implement the best solution. 7. Observe and evaluate the solution's impact. 2. Culture Describe the culture in your organization. How does this culture contribute to the customer service provided to customers? 3. Customer Base Describe your customer. What are their consumption practices? Payment practices? What are their expectations? How does your company support differences in consumers? 4. Empowerment How are employees empowered at your organization? Examples of empowerment? How are customers empowered? 5. Co-Production Describe the existence of co-production practices in your business. Does it depend on the situation? Provide an example of its use/non-use. 6. Negotiation Are there procedures in effect that allow for negotiation? Part II: Evaluate Evaluate the effectiveness of each point described above. How does your problem-solving process and your systems of empowerment relate to your customer base? How would you describe the relationship representatives of your company have with your customers? Why? The paper should be 1-2 pages in length, double spaced with a font size not larger than 12 point, New Times Roman. Correct APA formatting is required, including proper references and in-text citations. -research paper writing service