Company Cash Flow Discussion Replies essay
It's essential to reply to a minimum of 2 classmate’s threads. Every reply should be a minimum of 150 phrases. Every reply should cite a minimum of 1 supply and embrace biblical integration in APA format. Acceptable sources embrace the textbook, the Bible, and scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. Your replies are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday. Please learn the DB directions rigorously earlier than submitting your response. Be sure you cite and reference if required. Listed here are a couple of basic notes on the DBs:· Substantive means, "with substance." Keep away from filling your posts with writing that doesn't add something to the dialogue.· Be clear, concise, and to the purpose. 300 phrases is the rule of thumb, high quality over amount. Discover your individual references. Don't simply use the identical references that an individual who posted earlier than you discovered.· Keep away from quoting from the textbook since this doesn't add to the dialogue (since all of you're studying the identical data).· In the event you paraphrase, be sure the reader can decipher what's your authentic thought versus what you're borrowing and use correct citations (APA format required)· Keep away from using extreme quotes and lengthy quotations.· Don't use Wikipedia as a reference for tutorial functions.Bear in mind to include the biblical/Christian worldview in your posts. Combine this enter fairly than merely quoting a verse on the finish of the publish. -research paper writing service