COIT20245 Project 1 Evaluation Job You're to jot down a Java console utility that calculates and classifies BMI (Physique Mass Index) for people. The variety of people (N) is fastened at 10, so it needs to be declared as closing int N = 10 in your program. BMI is calculated utilizing the next equation: BMI = weight / (peak*peak) the place weight is in kilograms and peak is in metres. Wikipedia ( defines the next eight classes for BMI: Class BMI (kg/m2) Very severely underweight Severely underweight from 15 to 15 16 Underweight 16 18.5 Regular (wholesome weight) 18.5 25 Chubby 25 30 Overweight Class I (Reasonably overweight) 30 35 Overweight Class II (Severely overweight) 35 40 Overweight Class III (Very severely overweight) 40 For every individual, you might be to enter their weight (in kilograms) and peak (in metres).The appliance is to then calculate and show the BMI, along with the corresponding eight degree class. When all knowledge has been entered, a abstract report consisting of 1. The bottom BMI 2. The best BMI three. The typical BMI four. The variety of people with regular BMI 5. The variety of people with larger than regular BMI 6. The variety of people with decrease than regular BMI is displayed. Regular, high and low BMI values are outlined based on the desk under: Class BMI (kg/m2) from to Low 18.5 Regular (wholesome weight) 18.5 25 Excessive 25 Beneath is instance output for N = three Your welcome message goes right here … Peak for individual zero (m): 1.82 Weight for individual zero (kgs): 80 BMI for individual 1: 24.2 which is regular (wholesome weight) Peak for individual 1 (m): 1.82 Weight for individual 1 (kgs): 100 BMI for individual 2: 30.2 which is reasonably overweight Peak for individual 2 (m): 1.82 Weight for individual 2 (kgs): 60 BMI for individual three: 18.1 which is underweight Abstract ******* Lowest BMI : 18.1 Highest BMI : 30.2 Common BMI : 24.2 Quantity with low BMI: 1 Quantity with regular BMI: 1 Quantity with excessive BMI: 1 Your exit message goes right here … Your utility is to observe the identical format for enter and output as within the instance above, however with customised welcome and exit messages. The appliance is to make use of the next courses and strategies: public class BMICalculator public BMICalculator() // no code required public double worth( double weight, double peak ) // return BMI; public String classification8( double bmi ) public String classification3( double bmi ) // return the three class (excessive, regular, low) classification for this BMI public class Assignment1 Submission You're to submit a zipped folder containing • The 2 .java information that comprise your utility. Alternatively, in case you have used NetBeans, this may be changed with a zipped undertaking folder. Particulars of how to do that can be found within the NetBeans FAQ on the unit web site. • Report.docx (this file accommodates a check report that features pupil identify, pupil ID quantity, unit identify, unit code, a check plan and check outcomes. The check plan is to comprise an inventory of the enter values that you've used to check this system, the anticipated output values and the precise output values generated by your program. The check outcomes are screenshots to indicate that that this system generates the precise outputs proven within the check plan. Notice that as a result of BMI is calculated as a floating level worth, we will’t (basically) check it for equality. What this implies when it comes to your check plan is that you don't want to check the class finish factors – all you have to do is to generate one set of inputs (and the corresponding output) per class. In producing these inputs, chances are you'll discover a BMI calculator, equivalent to helpful. Notice that markers will use their very own check knowledge when testing your task. Marking Standards Standards Marks Allotted 1 Variables, constants and kinds Declaring and utilizing variables and constants /1 2 Objects and courses Creating/declaring and utilizing objects and courses /1 three Loops Utilizing loops and situations /1 four If statements Utilizing if statements and situations /1 5 Strategies Declaring and utilizing strategies /1 6 Inputs and Outputs Studying enter /1 Displaying outcomes /1 7 General logic and program Calculating portions /four Spacing and indentation conventions /1 Naming conventions /1 Feedback /2 eight Report Take a look at Plan /2 Take a look at outcomes /three Sub-Complete /20 Penalties Doesn't compile: 15 marks Late submission : 5% (1 mark) / day or a part of a day Complete /20