Coefficient Assignment


x91y607x22305y281,357Σxy = 13,483,r ≈ zero.996.

(a) Draw a scatter diagram displaying the information.

(b) Confirm the given sums Σx, Σy, Σx2, Σy2, Σxy, and the worth of the pattern correlation coefficient r. (Spherical your worth for r to a few decimal locations.)

Σx =

Σy =

Σx2 =

Σy2 =

Σxy =

r =

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(c) Discover x, and y. Then discover the equation of the least-squares line  = a + bx. (Spherical your solutions for x and y to 2 decimal locations. Spherical your solutions for a and b to a few decimal locations.)x= y= = +  x

(d) Graph the least-squares line. Make sure you plot the purpose (x, y) as some extent on the road.

(e) Discover the worth of the coefficient of dedication r2. What share of the variation in y might be defined by the corresponding variation in x and the least-squares line? What share is unexplained? (Spherical your reply for r2 to a few decimal locations. Spherical your solutions for the chances to 1 decimal place.)

r2 =

defined     %

unexplained     %

(f) The calves you wish to purchase are 10 weeks outdated. What does the least-squares line predict for a wholesome weight? (Spherical your reply to 2 decimal locations.)


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