Chapter 3 quiz – crete & greece summer 2015

Query 1

The Minoans lived

Query 2

The conclusion that the Minoans went barefoot within their homes comes from

Query three

Which of the next are points of Minoan costume that aren't clear?

Query four

Which of some of these clothes have been NOT worn by the Minoans?

Query 5

The costume of the Minoans and that of the Mycenaeans was comparable.

Query 6

Pleated linen clothes have been fashionable among the many

Query 7

Which of the next are traits of the Doric peplos?

Query eight

What's the title of the garment described right here: A garment for women and men that was lower full and pinned with a lot of small pins over the arms.

Query 9

What is claimed to have been the origin of the garment described in query no. eight?

Query 10

When a Greek youth set off on a journey, he would probably have worn

Query 11

The title of the garment by which Greek philosophers have been probably to be depicted was

Query 12

Beneath this garment the thinker would probably be proven as carrying

Query 13

Infants in historic Greece have been wrapped in bnads of material, a apply known as

Query 14

The parts of Greek army costume included a close-fitting, formed physique armor that,

in trendy terminology, is known as:

Query 15

Greek theatrical costume included tragic masks, and tall wigs for male actors and thick-soled,

platform sneakers for feminine actors.

Query 16

The right chronological order for intervals in Greek historical past is:

Query 17

The Hercules knot, the stephane, and laurel wreaths have been all a part of Greek costume for