Chapter 3 Managing in a Global Environment
1) People are likely to endure from parochialism. 2) Managers with an ethnocentric perspective don't belief international staff with key selections or know-how. three) Managers with a polycentric perspective are likely to view each international operation as troublesome and arduous to grasp. four) The polycentric perspective is a world-oriented view specializing in utilizing one of the best approaches and folks from across the globe. 5) When the twelve unique members fashioned the European union in 1992, the first motivation was to reassert the area's financial place in opposition to america and Japan. 6) Norway is a member of the European Union. 7) The USA, Canada, and Mexico are events to the North American Free Commerce Affiliation. eight) Mercosur is a buying and selling group made up of ten South American nations. 9) A transnational group displays an ethnocentric perspective. 10) Managers who need to get into a worldwide market with minimal funding begin with international sourcing. 11) The method of exporting includes buying merchandise made overseas and promoting them domestically. 12) Licensing and franchising are comparable approaches involving one group giving one other group the fitting to make use of its model title, know-how, or product specs in return for a lump sum cost or a payment normally based mostly on gross sales. 13) Licensing is primarily utilized by service organizations and franchising is primarily utilized by manufacturing organizations. 14) Strategic alliance is a partnership between a company and a international firm companion or companions during which each share assets and information in creating new merchandise or constructing manufacturing amenities. 15) Solely when a rustic's political/authorized atmosphere is unstable or revolutionary is it of concern to managers. 16) Mexico is an instance of a Collectivistic nation. 17) The USA is an instance of a rustic with low energy distance. 18) A excessive uncertainty avoidance society is threatened by ambiguity and experiences excessive ranges of tension. 19) The GLOBE framework for assessing cultures is much like Hofstede's framework, however measures fewer dimensions. 20) A worldwide mind-set refers to attributes that enable a pacesetter to be efficient in cross-cultural environments. 21) Monolingualism is one signal that a nation suffers from ________. A) parochialism B) ethnocentrism C) polycentrism D) geocentrism 22) Parochialism is an inclination to ________. A) suppose extremely of the international nation during which the group is doing enterprise B) concentrate on finest approaches and folks from across the globe C) view the world solely via one's personal eyes and views D) let staff within the host nation determine how finest to do issues 23) Invoice Sanderson, a supervisor in a producing agency in New York tends to view the world solely via his U.S.-based perspective. What might be deduced about his perspective? A) He has anelitist perspective. B) He has a polycentric perspective. C) He has a parochialistic perspective. D) He has a geocentric perspective. 24) An ethnocentric perspective ________. A) prompts managers to have a worldwide view and search for one of the best approaches and folks no matter origin. B) is the idea that the house nation has one of the best work approaches and practices C) is the view that staff within the host nation know one of the best work approaches and practices D) offers a supervisor a much wider understanding of what it takes to handle in a international atmosphere 25) A supervisor who needs to achieve success in worldwide enterprise ought to keep away from a(n) ________ perspective. A) multicultural B) multiracial C) ethnocentric D) geocentric 26) A(n) ________ perspective is characterised by parochialism. A) geocentric B) acculturated C) multilinguistic D) ethnocentric 27) Managers with a(n) ________ perspective view each international operation as totally different and arduous to grasp. A) geocentric B) polycentric C) ethnocentric D) regiocentric 28) A(n) ________ perspective is the view that staff within the host nation know the finest practices for operating their operations. A) ethnocentric B) polycentric C) geocentric D) regiocentric 29) In at the moment's international atmosphere, managers will need to have a(n) ________ perspective in order to achieve success. A) ethnocentric B) parochial C) bigoted D) geocentric 30) The ________ was fashioned by twelve unique members with the first motivation of reasserting the area's financial place in opposition to america and Japan. A) African Union B) European Union C) Central America Free Commerce Settlement D) Affiliation of South-East Asian Nations