Chapter 11 Review Questions essay

1. What is the main reason why so many people the United States lack access to health care? (p. 334)

2. What is Medicare? What Medicaid? (p335 )

3. What is the troubling contradiction in the U.S. health care system ? (p. 335)

4. In 2016 which country spent more money on health care per capita than any other? ( p. 335)

5. In 2015 which of these countries had the highest average life expectancy : Canada, the United Kingdom , Japan , or the United States? (p 335)

6. What is managed care? (p. 336)

7. Name three of the Affordable Care Act’s major provisions . (pp 336-337 )

8. What kind of health care system does the United States have ? What are its main features? Is it a system of socialized medicine ? How does it differ from the health care system in the United Kingdom ? (p . 337 )

9. What is distributive justice ? (p, 338)

10. What are the chief characteristics of libertarian theories of justice ? Of egalitarian theories of justice ? ( pp. 338-339)


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