Chapter 01 Introduction to Employee Training and Development
1. Which of the next statements is true of human capital? A. Human capital is a corporation's tangible asset. B. Motivation to ship high-quality services is part of human capital. C. It's simple to imitate or buy a corporation's human capital. D. Human capital is standardized all through all corporations. 2. Casual studying: A. is developed and organized by an organization. B. will not be required for the event of human capital. C. can't be managed by the workers. D. results in the efficient improvement of tacit data. three. Which of the next is true of tacit data? A. It's simply codified and transferred from person-to-person. B. Formulation and definitions are examples of tacit data. C. Formal coaching and improvement applications restrict the extent to which tacit data could be acquired. D. It can't be shared by way of worker private interactions with friends, colleagues, and consultants. four. A(n) _____ is an instance of tacit data. A. worker's expertise B. enterprise course of C. flowchart D. method 5. _____ refers to a scientific strategy for creating coaching applications. A. Whole high quality administration B. Steady studying C. Coaching design course of D. Orientation coaching program 6. The fifth step within the coaching design course of is to develop an analysis plan that includes figuring out: A. an acceptable coaching methodology. B. the necessities for coaching. C. workers with motivation and fundamental expertise. D. the varieties of outcomes coaching is anticipated to affect.