Cash Receipts Assignment
13. Macer Firm has the next gross sales for the primary quarter of 2019 E(Click on the icon to view the gross sales for the primary quarter of 2019.) Gross sales account are collected the month after the sale. The Accounts Receivable stability on January 1 is $13.100, the quantity of December's gross sales account. Calculate the money receipts from clients for the primary three months of 2019 January February March Information Desk Receipts from money gross sales 3600 11100 6000 10500 13100 11900 Receipts from gross sales on account Complete money receipts from clients February March January 13 600: Money gross sales 6.000 11.100 11.900 17.500 10 500 Gross sales on acCount 24.100 23,000 23.500 Complete gross sales. .