Case Study essay
J.C delivered a wholesome male toddler 2 hours in the past. She had a fourth-degree laceration. That is her sixth being pregnant. Earlier than this supply, she was para 4014. She had an epidural block for her labor and supply. She is now admitted to the postpartum unit. Hepatitis: neg Rubella: non immune HIV: neg Bood sort: A neg EBL: 450ml 1. What's essential to notice within the preliminary evaluation? A very powerful to notice for this affected person is that she had an epidural block. So, you need to test vitals like blood strain as a result of epidural can decrease the blood strain evaluate it to J.C baseline and proceed to observe till it returns again to regular. Since she additionally had a 4th diploma laceration you need to assess the insicion to verify correct therapeutic and no indicators of an infection. 2. You discover a boggy fundus throughout your evaluation. What corrective measures may be initiated? three. J.C complains of ache and discomfort in her perineal space. How will you reply? four. Three hours later, the nursing assistant assesses J.C. important indicators. Which important indicators can be of concern at the moment? T – 99.9 (37.6C) Pulse – 120 bpm Blood strain 90/50 mm Hg Respirations 16 bpm 5. What is going to you do subsequent? -research paper writing service