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Are you able to assist me e-mail me this query's reply? i really want it . Annually Susan Riley, president of Bargon Building, Inc., takes a three-week trip to Hawaii and indicators a number of checks to pay main payments through the interval wherein she is absent. Riley’s trip typically happens close to the tip of Bargon’s fiscal reporting interval as a result of it's a slack time for the development enterprise. Jack Morgan, head bookkeeper for the corporate, makes use of this apply to his benefit. He makes out a verify to himself for the quantity of a giant vendor’s bill and data it as a cost to the seller for the acquisition of provides. He holds the verify for a number of weeks to ensure the auditors is not going to study the canceled verify. Shortly after the primary of the 12 months, Morgan resubmits the bill to Riley for cost approval and document the verify within the money disbursement journal. At that time, he marks the bill as paid and recordsdata it with all different paid invoices. Morgan has been following this apply efficiently for a number of years and feels assured that he has developed a foolproof fraud a. What's the auditor’s duty for locating this kind of embezzlement? b. What weaknesses exist within the consumer’s inner management? c. What audit procedures are prone to uncover the fraud?