Calculating Confidence Intervals, homework help
On this project, you'll calculate confidence intervals for the quantitative variables within the Coronary heart Fee Dataset. Steps
  1. Open the Coronary heart Fee Dataset in Excel and determine the quantitative variables
  2. Ensure the info is sorted by class (e.g.male-at-rest, feminine at-rest, and many others.)
  3. Use the Information Evaluation instruments of Excel to assemble 95% and 99% confidence intervals for all the sorted quantitative variable.  Please notice that the statistic getting used within the confidence interval of the means, which requires the usage of the Commonplace Error of the imply (not the usual deviation).
  4. Create a Phrase doc, and use your calculated outcomes to explain the anticipated worth and vary for every of the variables.
  5. Make positive you notice and clarify any variations within the technique of the variables, and any impact you noticed after altering the extent of confidence.