BUSN 258 Midterm
BUSN 258 MidtermA number of Alternative 1. Query: (TCO 1) The letter L within the acronym LIFE stands for ________. 2.Query: (TCO 2) The Gallup group studied the impression of buyer ________ on long-term buyer loyalty and profitability. three.Query: (TCO 9) Regardless of many similarities between them, Wal-Mart and Okay-Mart have very totally different outcomes, largely as a result of of "little issues" that appear to lead to higher customer support. How do the gross sales of those two firms examine? four.Query: (TCO 10) Buyer loyalty is NOT: 5.Query: (TCO three) A smile originates within the: 6.Query: (TCO four) Among the many problems with dealing with the "child boomer" technology is the consideration that: 7.Query: (TCO 1) A relationship with a buyer that does not transcend the present transaction is: eight.Query: (TCO 1) An organization's tradition is made up of: 9.Query: (TCO 6) In any dialog, a lot of the issues we talk are ________. 10.Query: (TCO 7) Which of the next components does NOT complicate the listening course of? 11.Query: (TCO eight) One downside with not seeing the individual you might be speaking to is: 12.Query: (TCO 7) Listening is the one communication talent that's: 13.Query: (TCO 6) One instance of self-centeredness is: 14.Query: (TCO 6) Callers ought to all the time: 15.Query: (TCO 13) Many shoppers get their first impression of your organization from: 16.Query: (TCO 13) Which of the next is NOT a technique for offering the shoppers with human contact regardless of high-tech communication techniques? 17.Query: (TCO 13) Spamming is: 18.Query: (TCO 6) Step one in dealing with an upset caller is to ________.Essay Sort 1. Query: (TCO 1, four) Your creator cites Ockham's razor, a logical method that asserts that when attempting to grasp a scenario, the only rationalization is normally the precise one. What does this imply within the context of customer support? 2.Query: (TCO 7, eight) What are the three "I"s of eye communication, and the way do you see every utilized in a typical face-to-face gross sales encounter?three.Query: (TCO eight) Outline and describe a name heart.