TAKE HOME TEST (CLO 2) COURSE : BUSINESS LAW COURSE CODE : PLD 2113 LECTURER : MS FARAH ADIBAH BINTI ZULKIFLI DATE & TIME : 2/7/2021 (12.00PM – 11.59 PM) INSTRUCTIONS 1. Answer BOTH questions. 2. Your answer must be submitted in pdf/word/online text form by 11.59 PM on 2/7/2021 3. Late submission will not be entertained (unless you have a valid reason) QUESTION 1 Nabil is a tenant of a house owned by Shafiq. On 1st June 2021, Nabil received a letter from Shafiq wherein Shafiq stated that he was “interested in selling the house” and asking Nabil to let him know before 9th June 2021 whether Nabil is interested to buy the house at the price of RM550,000.00. On 8th June 2021, Nabil posted a letter to Shafiq informing that he agreed to buy the house at the price of RM550,000.00. However, the next day Shafiq called Nabil and told him that he had withdrawn his offer as he planned to sell the house to his sister instead. At that time, Nabil’s letter had not reached Shafiq yet and it was only received on 10th June 2021. Nabil believes that they already have a valid contract when he posted the letter on 8th June 2021 but Shafiq denies that they have a binding agreement. Advise Nabil. (10 marks) QUESTION 2 Samad is an 80-year old man who is paralysed due to stroke and is fully dependent on his nurse, Nora. One day, Samad’s daughter found out that her father’s house is already transferred to Nora’s name. She was very angry and accused Nora of influencing Samad to give her the house. Nora seeks your advice on whether the transfer of the house is valid under the law. (5 marks) -research paper writing service