Business law 001 writing assignment i, legal issue spotting (torts)

Please learn the next hypothetical reality situation:  

Josephine and Tina are each regulation college students at Nationwide Legislation College.  They're extremely aggressive and so they each goal to be the highest graduate of their class.  Solely one in all them can earn this honor.  They contemplate themselves "frenemies."  

As they research for his or her upcoming torts examination, they go to their teacher, Professor Alvarez, in her workplace and ask if she may advocate any further research information.  Professor Alvarez says that she authored a brand new supplemental research information that was not too long ago revealed and that the information could be an enormous assist.  Tina leaves the workplace however Josephine stays a bit longer-- lengthy sufficient for Professor Alvarez to say, "the writer despatched me so many further copies of the information that I've to retailer them on my again porch."  

Josephine and Tina go browsing and uncover that the information ebook is not going to be accessible to the general public for one more month.  They categorical disappointment with one another.

At dusk, Josephine goes to Professor Alvarez’s home, walks onto the yard and approaches the again porch however doesn't see the information books.  She appears round after which sees a stack of research information books on the general public sidewalk in entrance of Professor Alvarez’s home.  She takes one of many research guides.    

The examination was brutal.  After the examination, Professor Alvarez sees Josephine within the hallway holding a duplicate of the research information.  She says, "I am so glad you discovered the research information on our sidewalk.  My husband has been nagging me to discover a place for them, so he stacked them on the sidewalk for me to load them into my automotive and take them to my workplace.  Once I noticed you come onto my property and search for one on the again porch, I giggled to myself, noting what a resourceful pupil you're."  

Tina sees this interplay between Josephine and the Professor and Tina is jealous that Josephine scored a duplicate of the research information.

After the examination, most of the college students go to the native bar to have a good time.  Tina didn't really feel like celebrating, and he or she doesn't drink-- actually, she is the president of the College students In opposition to Drunk Driving membership.  She went to the bar nonetheless, searching for Josephine.  

Tina approaches Josephine within the bar, places her fist in Josephine's face and says, "if you happen to rating higher than me on the examination, you is probably not round to indicate your face in school ever once more."  Believing she was about to be harmed, Josephine slapped Tina within the face.  Tina, who now has a bruise on her face, backs off.  Josephine and a bunch of associates elevate their beers in celebration.  Unbeknownst to Josephine, Tina snapped a photograph of Josephine consuming a beer.   

Tina operates a Fb web page for the College students In opposition to Drunk Driving pupil group.  She posts the picture of Josephine on the web page with the caption, "Josephine is a partier who causes consuming and driving accidents."   She tags Josephine and all college students on the regulation faculty, who're all notified by Fb of the submit.

Josephine is humiliated.  Underneath the impression that she causes consuming and driving accidents, the scholars in school shun her.  Additional, the regulation agency she deliberate to work for after commencement notified her that it was rescinding (taking again) the job supply because of seeing the Fb submit.  

Josephine suffers from emotional misery. She has not eaten in days.  She drives to see Wendy, her therapist, for a night appointment.  Frazzled, she by chance hits a lightweight pole in entrance of Wendy's workplace whereas making an attempt to park.  The influence causes an instantaneous energy outage in Wendy's workplace.  The opposite sufferers ready in Wendy's workplace are startled by the sudden blackout.  One patient-- a 90-year-old lady named Lydia--suffers a critical coronary heart assault.     

Having seen the Fb submit and assuming this accident was the results of Josephine's consuming and driving, Wendy locks Josephine within the workplace closet for Three hours till the police arrive.  


Please put together your responses to the questions beneath on a typewritten doc.  Embody your title and course part quantity printed on the prime of the primary web page.  If there's multiple web page, you could staple the pages collectively.  There isn't any web page minimal or most.  Your responses ought to be well-organized and simple to comply with.

The hypothetical reality situation raises doable tort regulation claims described in chapters 5 and 6 of our course textbook.  Please establish any torts within the situation which have been, or could have been dedicated, and supply the knowledge requested beneath for EACH doable tort.  To your reference and instance, I embody mannequin solutions for the declare of battery.  Please DO NOT embody a battery declare in your response; you'll obtain no factors for doing so.

You should definitely reply the 5 questions for EACH doable tort you establish, even when it could really feel repetitive.  You don't want to write down a story or essay in response to every query, simply present the mandatory reply for every query and make it clear which query you're answering for every tort you establish.  For ease of group, I like to recommend following the format I present for every tort.

This task is value as much as 25 factors.  Every tort recognized is value as much as 7 factors.  It's to your benefit to establish as many tort claims as doable, though the utmost variety of factors accessible is 25.

1.  Establish the tort or doable tort declare

Instance:  battery

2.  Describe the important parts of the tort or doable tort declare.  These parts are offered by regulation.  It isn't mandatory in response to this query to say any of the info of our hypothetical case (you'll achieve this in questions #Three-5 beneath) (1 level per tort)

Instance:  a.  the defendant harmfully or offensively made bodily contact with the plaintiff

    b.  the bodily contact was deliberately dedicated

Three.  Establish the related info for the support-- in different phrases what info lead you to imagine tort declare exists or would possibly exist. (2 factors per tort)

Instance:  Josephine made dangerous bodily contact to Tina-- she slapped Tina and the influence left a bruise.  Josephine supposed the contact-- it was not an accident.     

four.  Consider the energy and weaknesses of the tort declare or potential tort declare, together with any defenses that might be raised.  Is it extra doubtless for the plaintiff to carry the declare to prevail?  Or is it extra doubtless for the defendant defending in opposition to the tort declare to prevail?  Argue your case.  (Three factors per tort)  

Instance:  It appears extra doubtless for the defendant to prevail.  Tina made an aggressive hand gesture at Josephine, doubtless giving her the impression that she might be punched at any second.  Tina additionally made and a critical threat-- a risk that implied that Tina may kill Josephine.  In the mean time, Josephine defended herself by slapping Tina.  Self-defense is a protection to the declare of battery.  The type of self-defense employed by Josephine was greater than affordable and mandatory given the seriousness of Tina's gesture and risk.   

5.  Assuming the plaintiff (the get together bringing the declare) prevails, what damages would possibly the plaintiff get well?  (1 level per tort)

Tina, the plaintiff, could be entitled to compensatory damages to make her entire as if the tort by no means occurred.  It appears unclear if the slap required Tina to incur medical payments.  If it was only a bruise, it appears uncertain.  If the bruise was painful, Tina could get well some compensation for her ache and struggling.