Business & Finance essay
For this assignment, you will read a case entitled Taino Construction Supplies: Managing Innovation Risks at an SME in a Small, Developing Nation. Then you will answer the following questions about the difficulties the company faced globally and locally and how it responded to these risks: - Analyze the construction market in San Felipe. What are the risks? - What is Taino’s relationship with the government, regulatory agencies, environmental groups, pro-green building groups, customers, and competitors? - Develop a SWOT analysis for the company. - Analyze the financial health of the company. - If you were Mario Riverio, what strategy would you use for long- and short-term managerial objectives and sustainable development? You should respond to these questions in essay format. Your paper should be seven pages long, double-spaced, and should cite at least five credible sources found through Internet research. Citations should follow MLA format. For a refresher on MLA format, please visit the MLA Resources page in the left-hand navigation menu. -research paper writing service