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A Travel Agency By Susainathan Rinaldo Joseph Vishal Vrushank Shah Vinay Kumar Reddy Taduru Professor Dr. Christie Oliver University of the Cumberlands BADM 652 – Strategic Organizational Design 06/18/2021 A Travel Agency is a postmodern travelling company that will provide traveling solutions at national and regional levels. Through flexibility and proper time management, the company would give hospitable services such as human and cargo transit to their destinations. A travel agency will be managed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board of directors headed by the CEO. It will adopt collective decision-making, but the board will delegate certain decisions to its executive office and lower offices spread across the region of operation. In addition, the board will develop teams of individuals who will be employed in the regional office as drivers, cleaners, and cargo lifters. Mission Statement The mission of A Travel Company is to address travel challenges by providing magnificent navigation experiences that will engrave joyful memories the world over in an affordable, sustainable, convenient, honest, and transparent manner. Specific Tasks to be Completed to Accomplish the mission Adopt Customer Management System This is a centralized system that will manage potential customers and their related management activities. This will be integrated with an Information Technology infrastructure. The customer management system will help in maximizing the efficiency of the service through data storage and processing. The system will store information about the company staff, esteemed customers, the proposed business partners, and traveling ticket bookings. The customer management system is a new technology will also assist in automatic storage of record in an up to date manner. It will speed up in client service tasks such as solving customer inquiries and maintaining their loyalty to the company. It is one task that will not only manage time but also reduce paperwork, improve the level of satisfaction and loyalty among the potential travelers. Adopt Travel Automation Software The company will shy away from iterative and tiresome manual risks such as queuing to book traveling tickets, creating company reports, tracking the customers profile, and billing and invoicing. These are some of the processes that can take time when done manually. Instead, it will adopt a modern traveling automation software to reduce the minutes spent and speed up the service rate. As a result, the potential customers will not have to travel to book traveling tickets or seek other services such as parcel transit. This will save on cost and time. Adoption of Pre-Payment Solutions The potential customers will be given chances to book traveling tickets online before their travel. This will be done through mobile phones and other electronic gadgets quickly, securely, and efficiently. The company will provide this service through direct pay online, equipped with a strong network. In addition, the customers will be able to get short message service immediately upon payment. -research paper writing service