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1. Which cloud-based accounting data system ought to Pia choose and why? 2. Ought to Pia be apprehensive about doable lock-in with both accountant or system supplier? three. How ought to Pia mitigate the doable information safety dangers? four. Is worth an necessary issue when selecting the system? 5. What's the optimum division of labor between Pia and the accountant? Ought to Pia outsource all of the accounting duties, use selective outsourcing, or preserve all duties to herself? Consider every accounting activity on their suitability to outsourcing within the cloud context. Use Desk A1 offered in Appendix and talk about the implications of your decisions. 6. How to make sure a superb match between the chosen system and the work association? 7. What are the transaction prices incurred by the choice? eight. What about long run technique? Replicate on the implications of your decisions sooner or later.Get