Business & Finance assignment
Pick a company (apart from Honda, tesla, Starbucks) and use the material from the chapters and videos to analyze how diversification or internationalization might be good for them from a strategic perspective, as well as the specific costs, risks, and downsides diversification or internationalization might have for them. NOTE: Don't try to analyze diversification AND internationalization, that would be too much. The analysis must be relevant and specific. To give just one small example, generically saying "they'll be affected by exchange rates" isn't good enough, you must analyze the specific exchange rate impacts on that specific company given their specific forms of internationalization. And it must be clear from your response that you understand the Foundations. Hint: If you talk about diversification or internationalization being good for the company because of all the extra sales and revenue it creates, you're not understanding the material. Optional for textbook : -research paper writing service