Apush Outline Essay

The Bonds of Empire, 1660-1750 o Riot and Battle, 1660-1713 ? Earlier than Restoration (1660), England made little try and weld colonies ? Royal Centralization, 1660-1688 • Restoration monarchs disliked consultant authorities • Charles II not often known as parliament into session after 1674, and none after 1681 • James II needed to rule as absolute monarch o Meant he would by no means face an elected laws • These 2 kings had little sympathy for Am.

 RI, and Plymouth into Dominion of New Eng.

o 1688= NY and the Jerseys got here in o Sir Edmund Andros grew to become governor of Dominion of New Eng. ? The Superb Revolution in England and America, 1688-1689 • Charles II transformed to Catholicism on deathbed • Eng. olerated James’ conversion to Catholicism b/c his heirs (Mary and Anne) have been Anglican • Cold revolution of 1688=Superb revolution o Created restricted monarchy in Eng. ? Promised to summon parliament as soon as a yr. , signal all its payments, and respect conventional civil liberties o William and Mary (now king and queen of eng. after they overthrew James) dismantled Dominion of New Eng. o NY rebelled with Leisler’s Riot ?

The Enlightenment • In 1750 the Enlightenment’s biggest contributions to Am. life nonetheless lay sooner or later. 1 / 4-century later, Anglo-Am. drew on the enlightenment’s revolutionary concepts as they declared their independence from Britain and created the foundations of a brand new nation • It was an age of optimism, tempered by the lifelike recognition of the unhappy state of the human situation and the necessity for main reforms.

The Enlightenment was much less a set of concepts than it was a set of attitudes. At its core was a crucial questioning of conventional establishments, customs, and morals. ? The Nice Awakening • In New England, the Nice Awakening was influential amongst many Congregationalists • Within the Center and Southern colonies, the Awakening was influential amongst Presbyterians and different dissenting Protestants. • A time of elevated spiritual exercise. The revival started with Jonathan Edwards, a well-educated theologian and Congregationalist minister from Northampton, Massachusetts, who got here from Puritan and Calvinist roots, however emphasised the significance and energy of instant, private spiritual expertise. • Edwards’ sermons have been highly effective and attracted a big following. o “Sinners within the Palms of an Indignant God,” is his most well-known sermon. • The Methodist preacher George Whitefield, visiting from England, continued the motion, touring throughout the colonies and preaching in a extra dramatic and emotional model, accepting everybody into his audiences.