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Second, learn the next 19th-century texts. I recommend you learn the texts within the order listed, which is to say, chronologically.· Learn the brief story " Slavery's Nice Houses (Hyperlinks to an exterior website.) " (1843) by Lydia Marie Little one· Learn The Declaration of Sentiments (Hyperlinks to an exterior website.) (1848).· If you cannot keep in mind what they're riffing on, it is the Declaration of Independence (Hyperlinks to an exterior website.) (1776).· Learn "Ain't I a Lady (Hyperlinks to an exterior website.)" (1851) by Sojourner Fact (1851).· Learn chapter 9 from Uncle Tom's Cabin (Hyperlinks to an exterior website.) (1852) by Harriet Beecher Stowe.Lastly, for this SP, please simply jot down on this area the issues that you just discover about these texts. No want to write down one thing lengthy or formal - I simply need you to document some preliminary questions, concepts, or ideas in regards to the texts. Inquiries to get you pondering (no want to answer all or any of those; simply right here to get the wheels turning):· These texts had been all printed inside a decade of one another, and are all a part of the ladies's rights/abolition motion. In what methods to you see them talking to or responding to one another?· What are the primary claims of the texts? What do these claims inform us about this social motion?· What's the relationship between ladies's rights and abolition (anti-slavery) on this motion? Would you say it's a feminist motion, the best way we take into consideration feminism now? Would you say it's an antiracist motion, the best way we give it some thought now?-research paper writing service