Borrowing owls Assignment
Borrowing owls typically construct their nests in holes that had been dug by prairie canines, coyotes, or badgers and have been since deserted. They often line the nests with cattle or horse dung. Why? Maybe it insulates the nest from temperature extremes. A chance prompt by biologist Dennis Martin is that the owls use the dung to maintain predators away. To check this principle, biologist Gregory Inexperienced noticed lined and unlined owl nests within the Columbia River basin. He recorded whether or not the nest was raided or not in each samples.  For now take into account solely the lined nests. Inexperienced recognized n=25 nests lined with dung and noticed that solely 2 had been raided. (a) If the likelihood that a subsequent is raided is zero.6, is Inexperienced's discovering one thing that may  have a lot likelihood of taking place? What could be that likelihood? Clarify and present work.  Additionally, present the R code that you'd use to seek out that likelihood utilizing R. (b) What ought to Inexperienced do to get a extra correct image of how usually lining the nest with dung prevents raiding by predators? Clarify and justify your reply with a few of the ideas discovered this quarter in Stat 100A.