BME-212054-Weida Surveying, I nc., provides land surveying services
LO3-Three via LO3-Eight PROBLEM Three.2A Analyzing and Journalizing TransactionsWeida Surveying, I nc., gives land surveying companies. Throughout September, its transactions included the next:Sept. 1 Paid hire for the month of September, $four,400.Sept. Three Billed Wonderful Line Properties $5,620 for surveying companies. Your entire quantity is due on or earlier than September 28. (Weida makes use of an account entitled Surveying Income when billing shoppers.)Sept. 9 Supplied surveying companies to Sundown Ridge Developments for $2,830. Your entire quantity was collected on this date.Sept. 14 Positioned a newspaper commercial within the Every day Merchandise to be revealed within the September 20 subject. The price of the commercial was $165. Cost is due in 30 days.Sept. 25 Obtained a verify for $5,620 from Wonderful Line Properties for the quantity billed on September Three.Sept. 26 Supplied surveying companies to Thompson Excavating Firm for $1,890. Weida collected $400 money, with the steadiness due in 30 days.Sept. 29 Despatched a verify to the Every day Merchandise in full fee of the legal responsibility incurred on September 14.Sept. 30 Declared and paid a $7,600 money dividend to the company’s stockholders.Directions a. Analyze the results that every of those transactions could have on the next six elements of the company’s monetary statements for the month of September. Set up your reply in tabular type, utilizing the column headings proven. Use I for improve, D for lower, and NE for no impact. The September 1 transaction is offered for you: Earnings Assertion Steadiness SheetTransaction Income - Bills = Internet Earnings Property = Liabilities + Owners’ EquitySept. 1 NE I D D NE D b. Put together a journal entry (together with clarification) for every of the above transactions. c. Three of September’s transactions contain money funds, but solely certainly one of these transactions is recorded as an expense. Describe three conditions by which a money fee wouldn't contain recognition of an expense.