Biology essay
We Do Not Know Anything! I wrote a much more detailed and thorough version of what I am about to explain; however, the number of character exceeds the designated limit. The point I would like to make is that since humans have evolved over a short period of time, compared to dinosaurs and many other current species, we have not occupied this universe for very long. The human race is definitely an advanced and wonderful part of existence, but there is one fatal flaw to everything we all know and love. Our lives our perpetuated upon common and fine tuned beliefs made subtly over time. Basically, every single possible thing that we perceive has already been done before and our brains have been trained and made accustomed to those set pieces of knowledge. To clarify, I want you to think of anything in the world, anything at all; it could be an object like a pencil, it could be the color blue, it could even be the plot to a movie. Now every single decision you could have made, every possible choice of anything you could have ever thought of can be traced back to something else that was done before it. What I mean is that the human race evolved and grew through constant repetition with slight altercations every so often until things began to change and eventually new things were created. Once humans had evolved to a point where we were completely adapted to our environments and had control of the land over all the other species, these small changes began expanding on a large scale. These were very small changes but they were happening everywhere, all of the time. To bring this back to my main point, I would like to present to you the idea that everything we have ever known has been done before, slightly changed, then redone a bit differently, SO there is no evidence to prove that we know anything about time and what the universe is. There is no evidence to prove that we even know who or what we are because everything that we have ever learned has been made up by ourselves. We Have No Real Answers. Dean Lesser Orlando, FL United States -research paper writing service