Biology essay
write Write an essay (5 or more paragraphs of an average of 10 sentences each) about the problems and solutions for one of the following topics: 1- Of adapting to a new culture while maintaining aspects of your home culture 2- Of trying to get along with your neighbors 3- Of getting used to cold weather. You should clearly state the problem from one of the 3 topics listed above. The rest of this paper should be your own, basic ideas. This should NOT be a listing you get from Wikipedia or WebMD, etc. You have 2 ways you can organize (see page 164): State one solution with 3 detailed reasons why it is effective State 3 different solutions with short reasons why they are effective Paragraphs should be between 8-12 sentences (5 paragraphs). The conclusion can be shorter. Your conclusion should summarize the overall problem and solution(s) NO REFRENCES PLEASE -research paper writing service