Assignment – Economic Growth of a Country
Directions for Project: 10% - due on Wednesday, March 31, 2014.Project Subject: Financial Development of a Nation. On this task you'll talk about factorsaffecting the financial progress of a rustic. You may prefer to construct on the expansion on the supplyof labour and progress of labour productiveness as mentioned within the textual content that refers to a particularcountry. A few of the elements you may like to debate embody human capital, technologicaladvancement and bodily capital progress. It is likely to be these or different elements you discover havecontributed in selling the financial progress of a rustic. You may additionally like to debate thefuture progress prospects (chance) and its general impression or impact on the nation or its peopledue to financial progress.It's best to select a rustic to focus your dialogue. The format for the task shouldhave an introduction, historic background, dialogue of things affecting progress and impression onthe economic system or its individuals when it comes to improved dwelling requirements, rising wage and wealth in thecountry or others.Size of the Project:Three-Four pages double spaced. Graphs, desk, and references might take up further pages (preferablyin an appendix to the paper).References:You might use books, journal articles, organizations’ web sites corresponding to World Financial institution, AsianDevelopment Financial institution and different regional banks, Worldwide Financial Funds, UN, EuropeanUnion for reference. Use an excellent bibliography and reference writing type – APA format. We willdiscuss the small print of this within the class. I'll present you the pattern.Marking Grid1. Evaluation and dialogue of things affecting financial progress of the nation, its futureprospects (chance) and impacts– Four Marks2. Proof of analysis utilizing dependable sources and presentation of the data– Four Marks3. Reference and bibliography – correct use of referencing style– 2 Marks