Ashford CGD218 Complete Class
CGD 218 Full ClassWEEK 1Week 1 Journal: The Evolution of MediaWeek 1 Project: Why is Visible Literacy Necessary?WEEK 2DQ 1: Typography in BusinessDQ 2: Bauhaus ManifestoWeek 2 Project: Remaining Mission – Step TwoWEEK 3DQ 1: Pictures and CompositionDQ 2: Movement PicturesWeek three Journal: Visible Communication TodayWeek three Project: Utilizing Images from the WebWEEK 4Week four DQ 1: Model IdentityWeek four DQ 2: AdvertisingWeek four Project: Remaining Mission – Step ThreeWEEK 5Week 5 DQ 1: Social MediaWeek 5 DQ 2: Reflecting on Visible Literacy in BusinessWeek 5 Project: Remaining Mission – Utilizing Visuals to Talk a Message