art history
As you write, contemplate:  The connection of product design to   The position of the designer in shaping style, forming demand and catering to and really consciously encouraging varieties of spending, shopping for, and resolution making.   1. Think about you might be one in every of Thomas Chippendaleʼs clients within the eighteenth century. Who or what may affect your selections about style and style?  Who or what influences your selections about what's or shouldn't be modern in the present day?  2. Thomas Chippendale and Josiah Wedgwood believed that providing the shopper extra selections of merchandise elevated the probability that she or he would purchase.  What did these two males focus on designing and what sorts of selections did you examine that they provided to their clients? What buyer base had been they each making an attempt to make?  three. Who was Anna Marie Garthwaite? What sort of designer? The place did she promote her designs? Why was silk brocade and essential material and the way did  Enlightenment  thought have an effect on who wore expensively patterned and woven silk? four. Give three examples of Jefferson's personal designs. Focus on how he was an 'Enlightenment' scholar and mental. 5. What's 'style'? Who defines it? The place does it come from? Who decides in your life what's 'cool' and trendy? How are you influenced by developments or manufacturers?