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Write your argument essay utilizing the template provided beneath. If you don't use the template, you'll most likely be lacking a number of important components. TEMPLATE Select from one of many following subjects:
  • Ought to mother and father be allowed to spank youngsters? In that case, are there any standards. If not, how ought to mother and father self-discipline youngsters.
  • Ought to sugary drinks and snacks be banned from all public faculties?
  • Do Fb and different social networking websites do extra hurt than good?

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You could have at the least two sources to your aspect of the argument and one supply for the opposition's aspect. This requires in-text citations and a Works Cited web page. IMPORTANT: The essay should be a minimal of 650 phrases, be double-spaced and comply with MLA pointers.  When you wait till the final minute to submit, Turnitin will be busy, and you might not get your essay submitted on time. You will also leave yourself no time for reimaginative and prescient in case your Turnitin rating is simply too excessive. I don't settle for late work, so don't wait till the final minute to finish your project