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Week2 Please reply to the next: Indian religions are difficult. There are literally thousands of deities, quite a few scriptures, and indigenous tribal customs, all boiled down into what the English mistakenly known as Hinduism within the 1800s. Predominant dialogue questions for the week: How do Dharma and the yogas simplify an understanding of this complexity? Which of those techniques would you incorporate into your life right now? Why? Why would a guru be mandatory that will help you perceive these two techniques? Week three Having grown up in wealth after which dwelling a lifetime of excessive asceticism, the Buddha discovered no peace. He arrived at a center means and for his Dharma he proposed the 4 Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. This may break the samsara cycle and result in nirvana. The problem is placing the Buddha’s Dharma into motion. Predominant dialogue questions for the week: Theravada Buddhism is about mindfulness and meditation. Mahayana Buddhism is about compassion guided by knowledge. Talk about how both Theravada or Mahayana Buddhism can apply the ideas of the Eightfold Path to each day dwelling. Which system would you select to dwell by? Why? Week four COLLAPSE -research paper writing service