Applied Sciences essay
For this part of the project, you’re going to continue using the same topic/event that was used in Capstone Part #1 and do a compare-and-contrast case study. It will require you to view your topic from three different angles: locally, nationally, and globally. Your case study should be written in APA style, have 800 words, and compare and contrast your topic with how it was portrayed from a local, national, and global standpoint. • Was there a difference with media coverage about your topic in other parts of the world? • Were the reactions from consumers varied in other parts of the world? • Did different movements happen in other parts of the world based on the topic/event? • What were the similarities? • What were the differences? DO NOT include the questions within your case study and do not summarize the event. Directions for Capstone Project Part 2: Case Study (15%): • Word count for the body of the essay: 800. Going under or over the word count will be counted against your overall grade for the assignment. • Times New Roman 12pt. font double-spaced. • Must be written in third person. DO NOT include yourself or your name in the essay. • Needs to be in APA style: A cover page, running header, citations within the body of the essay, and a reference page at the end. • Submit it as a Word document ONLY. • Paragraphs should have proper punctuation, grammar, and structure. Practice the proper writing skills you learned in ENC 1101 & ENC 1102. • You will need to do substantial research to support your claims before you start writing. • View rubric to meet the expectations of the assignment. • Similarity index within TurnItIn should be 25% or lower. Higher similarity indexes will receive an automatic zero. research paper writing service