APA Overview essay
Part 1: Reflect: Information Literacy Evaluation Title: Information Literacy and Society This assignment provides you with an opportunity to reflect on the sociocultural issues and implications involved with the concept of information literacy. Throughout the course, you have applied the concept of information literacy to your academic work. For this unit, please expand your scope and in a 2-3 page reflective essay, share your thoughts on how you see information literacy being applied in our society. Possible prompts include: are some groups more informationally literate than others? If so, why? Is this related to the concept of “information privilege”? If so, can you explain how? How does society benefit from a population that is informationally literate? How does a society suffer from a population that is not? Do you believe our society values information literacy? Why do you feel as you do? Should we care about whether a society possesses information literacy skills? You may use the personal pronoun “I” in this essay. If you use secondary sources, be sure to provide a citation such as (Smith, 2002, p. 82) and the corresponding reference in APA style. Part 2: nstructions Over the last six weeks, we have learned about and used APA style. In your initial post, include the following: Provide an explanation of why APA style is used by academic institutions. Provide two examples of your understanding of APA style at the start of the course to what you now know. As an example, you had no idea what APA stood for, but now you know it’s the American Psychological Association. Explain what you found most challenging about APA style, and how you overcame that challenge. Describe resources available to the student that can be of assistance with APA style. Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format. -research paper writing service