Ap Human Geography Chapter 4 Study Guide
1. Boundary Varieties (Antecedent, Subsequent, and many others. ) a. This idea is vital as a result of it reveals the connection between totally different areas, in addition to colonized nations and their colonizers. The totally different boundary sorts both create harder methods of transportation/commerce, or ease transportation/commerce, and many others. 2. Federal/Unitary/Accomplice Governments b. The several types of authorities are vital as a result of they present how a rustic is being dominated. It additionally hints at the kind of tradition; unitary governments have a tendency to steer extra homogenous states than federal, whereas accomplice governments normally break up into a number of totally different states, like with Yugoslavia. three. Supranationalism c. That is vital as a result of it's a technique of choice making in a multi-national neighborhood. Supranationalist teams tie collectively nations or areas to make commerce and cash transference simpler. (ex: EU) four. State Shapes (Compact, Elongated, Prorupt, Fragmented, Perforated) d. The totally different shapes of states are vital as a result of every form has sure advantages and disabilities, some extra extreme than others. For instance, elongated states, like Chile, have a more durable time distributing providers which are straightforward to cowl in compact states like Poland. 5. Natural Principle e. This idea is vital as a result of it reveals nation is in a state of nature or in a relationship between it and a person. It's the foundation for many colonizing states, akin to Nice Britain or France, as a way of increasing territory and rule. 6. McKinder’s Heartland Principle f. Foundation for Nazi takeover of Europe; stormed all through different European nations in an try to manage everybody. 7. Spykman’s Rimland Principle g. Foundation for NATO and CENTO, each organizations geared toward ensuring Nazi Germany by no means obtained management of the rimland of Eurasia. It's presumed that by stopping this takeover, Nazis wouldn't be capable to lengthen their energy any additional. eight. Centripetal/Centrifugal h. Forces that pull a nation collectively (centripetal), or pull it aside (centrifugal); vital as a result of it describes both the massive homogeneity or unity in a state and the way it advantages it, or mass corruption/disagreement. 9. Nation-State, State/Nation, Stateless Nation i. A Stateless Nation is vital as a result of it's a political group for homogenous individuals in a sovereign state. When both the state of homogenous nation is taken out, issues are likely to come up, usually involving battle over land, authorities and worldwide recognition. (ex: Kurds) 10. Boundary Disputes j. Necessary as a result of it reveals the connection between nations; their previous might embrace already-fought wars on boundary placement, and now produces issues regarding labor and cash, faith, and politics, and many others. (ex: US-Mexico, China-Nepal, Pakistan-India)