Antitrust authorities at the Federal Trade Commission
Antitrust authorities on the Federal Commerce Fee are reviewing your company’s latest merger with a rival agency. The FTC is anxious that the merger of two rival corporations in the identical market will enhance market energy. A listening to is scheduled on your firm to current arguments that your agency has not elevated its market energy by way of this merger. Are you able to do that? How? What proof may you carry to the listening to?Assume that the demand for cosmetic surgery is worth inelastic. Are the next statements true or false? Clarify your reply for full credit score.When the worth of cosmetic surgery will increase, the variety of operations decreases.The share change within the worth of cosmetic surgery is lower than the proportion change in amount demanded.Modifications within the worth of cosmetic surgery don't have an effect on the variety of operations.Amount demanded is kind of conscious of modifications in worth.The marginal income of one other operation is unfavourable.The Concept of the Agency doc, the Friedman article, and the knowledge in chapter four argue that the primary purpose of a agency in a market economic system is to maximise revenue (shareholder wealth) over the long run. Nevertheless, SEC rules require U.S. firms to publish working outcomes on a quarterly foundation. How does this quick time period timeframe influence long run revenue maximization? Ought to the SEC change their rules of public firms to require solely annual reporting of operations? How may this influence inventory worth within the quick time period? How do you consider that administration offers with these two generally competing objectives?Through the vitality disaster of the 1970s, and once more within the final 5 years, Congress bemoaned the “worth gouging” and “windfall” income of the main oil corporations. Within the 1970s Congress imposed an “extra income tax” on these corporations. It didn't accomplish that this time? What does this variation present about how our understanding of the way in which the worth system works to allocate assets has developed? If “extra profits” are taxed away, the place will oil corporations get the cash to fund new exploration and improvement of oil properties? Does it matter if these worth will increase are demand or provide induced?