ANLY645 essay
Case Analysis Instructions You are free to develop your own analysis and reporting methodologies on each of the Case studies. However, one way to begin addressing this project is by following a logical progression of analysis. At a minimum it is recommended you: A. Start by reading the assigned case study in the textbook. These are sequentially located in chapters 15, 16, or 17. You may want to even print out and highlight key areas of the Case study you will be analyzing. B. Review the recommended resources supplied in the Assignments section. There may one or more hyperlinks to an online analysis of this case study. There may also be a PowerPoint presentation explaining the Case study in depth. C. Read over the IRubric for this assignment to see how the project will be graded by your instructor D. Read over and thoroughly understand the course objectives as these apply to all of the Case Analysis projects. E. Once you and your team-member have a thorough understanding of the case study, it is time to develop a “plan-of-attack” for your Analysis. In specific, your analysis of the case study should thoroughly investigate and explain: i. The business type, size, and products or services supplied. ii. The specific challenges the management team are addressing. iii. The data that the management team reviewed? What data analysis techniques has the management team employed. Is the management team looking at the correct data in the correct manner? What, in your and your team-member’s opinion, could have been done better (by way of data analysis) by the management team iv. What specific decisions did the management team make regarding their analysis? Was the management team’s response to the data analysis adequate? Do the decisions have a strong potential to resolve the problem and improve operations? If yes, why and if not, why? v. Are there additional team members that should have been included in the decision making? vi. Was the analysis and resolution connected by logic or were they emotional responses? F. Once you and your team-mate(s) have answered these and any other inquiries regarding the case study, a logical next step could be to jointly create an outline of what you want to cover in your assignment. G. Upon completion and agreement on an outline, it is up to the team as to how to divide up the work. H. Complete your section early enough that you can share it with your team member and allow time for editing. The most important point to make is there are no right answers or correct ways to complete this project. Your instructor will be looking for the following: a) A well-thought-through introduction to the company, the case, the challenges the company is facing. A thorough description of the data analytics conducted by the management team, and the decisions they made to change course, correct the problem, and improve the business. b) An in-depth logical review of the potential for success of the decisions the management team has made to overcome challengers to the company’s future. c) Any additional analysis your team believes is needed to better understand the challenge. d) Inclusion of charts, graphs, or tables in your Case Analysis that provided visual support for the case and help the reader understand the challenges, situation, and condition of the company. e) A well-narrated description of your assessment and analysis as focused by the Course Objectives. f) Excellence in writing to include well-formed paragraphs; clear concise sentences; an organization of this paper by sections; appropriate APA citations and references; and a conclusion section that sums up your analysis. -research paper writing service