Algebra Assignment
- _ -18jU5p5NNURZLTB Treg6PUZSBEVQEFF.Nigka5043KDdXypQ7slmOkrpvM718fpD-OXkyUoZuFjH6QSM4. O SYSTEMS OF LINEAR EQUATIONS Fixing a tax charge or rate of interest drawback utilizing a system of linea. Final yr, Tammy had $10,000 to take a position. She invested a few of it in an account that paid 7% easy curiosity per yr, and he or she invested the remaining in an accout that paid 6% easy curiosity per yr. After one yr, she acquired a complete of $670 in curiosity. How a lot did she put money into every account? Observe that the ALEKS.graphing.calculator can be utilized to make computations simpler. First account: SU Second account: $zero. Get Math Help At the moment