Air Transportation Analysis Proposal And Presentation Assignments
Air Transportation Analysis Summary & Analysis Objectives Your analysis should begin by providing an executive summary of the proposal and end with clear objectives that will be answered with good arguments in the main body of the proposal. Plan to use most of this page for a summary and possible one key original image that highlights your focus for this proposal. You could highlight time savings with a chart… Do not be afraid to have blank space on your page. You could even increase the right margin throughout the entire document for extra space for notes…especially if you’re handing this out to your decision makers. Plan to have four main objective for this analysis. 1. These objectives may be the main header at the top of the page. 2. These objectives need to be specific. You will be graded on this. 3. Each objective should cover at least one page. Due to images and charts, some objectives might require two pages. Fill a second page appropriately. 4. I’ll start you off with your first objective topic, City-Pair Analysis…you will need to craft the wording. Incorporate the content of your narrated PowerPoints and charts, tables, etc. you create into your objectives. Let the data help to support your arguments! City-Pair Analysis Travel Demand Focus on summarizing the data collected in the City-Pair Analysis tab of the Excel file. Look at the output fields and build the narrative. Compare the On-Demand model with the Airline Model. Feel free to change headings. Try as much as possible to use short paragraphs: 1. Followed by bullet points 2. That helps support your arguments 3. Remember, all assertions require good arguments! Costs and Travel Miles Also, feel free to increase the right margin if you want to add a text box or image. You should include the map or chart you created for the City-Pair Summary Discussion Board here. Make sure you provide good caption text to guide the thoughts of the reader. Second Objective Topic Here Heading Title Here There are several elements that are required to be in this proposal. Be sure to read and follow the guidance and instructions for this assignment provided in the Air Transportation Analysis Proposal Instructions handout. These instructions will help with objective ideas. Here are a few ideas you should consider as you’re pulling this together: 1. You must have four objectives on first page of the proposal (see p.2)…no more, no less 2. Try to have one to two pages per objective; If you cannot cover the objective in one page, be sure to spread content out and possible add a second chart, image, table, etc. 3. Use a 12 point font for main text. Protect margins. Do not feel like you need to fill each page with text. I’m happy for you to include images with captions…balance and being concise with wording are key. 4. You must provide travel solution with supporting arguments. Try to recommend at least two airframes. 5. You must create all of your charts and tables…use good quality images. Third Objective Topic Here Heading Title Here Add your text here. Fourth Objective Topic Here Heading Title Here Add your text here. Address Structure & Processes Here Heading Title Here Add your text here. Appendix A Cost Tables Nextant 400XTi Item Cost 200 hrs 400 hrs 600 hrs Variable / Direct Costs Fuel 645 129,000 258,000 387,000 Maint. – labor parts 141.50 28,300 56,600 84,900 Engine Restoration Landing fees Crew Expenses 114.35 22,870 45,740 68,610 Catering Total Variable Costs/ Hr $900.85 $180,170 $360,340 $540,510 Fixed / Indirect Costs Crew Salaries 132,470 Hangar 25,144 Aircraft Insurance 27,750 Training 21,396 Weather / Nav data 5,924 Total Fixed Costs/ Yr $212,684.00 $212,684.00 $212,684.00 $212,684.00 Total Cost $392,854 $573,024 $753,194 Total Cost per Hour $1,964 $1,432 $1,255 -27% -36% Airframe #2 References List your references here. -research paper writing service