After digestion carbohydrates such as glucose are absorbed
After digestion carbohydrates similar to glucose are absorbed by way of the villi wall and into the blood stream. Describe intimately how the physique then gathers the vitality of glucose molecule on the mobile stage. What biochemical reactions occur with a purpose to harvest the utmost quantity of vitality? (You'll be able to ignore the PentosePhosphate Pathway on this essay). How is the vitality absorbed and handed alongside the pathways? For every of the three major pathways described in lectures talk about the next; a) Location b) Enzymes and Merchandise concerned c) Power-balance d) Regulation Your essay ought to embody how every of the pathways relate to every different and are inter-regulated. You wouldn't have to debate mechanism of every enzyme-catalysedreaction in element however it is advisable to embody what's produced, and utilized in every response and how the vitality of these merchandise could possibly be harnessed additional down within the pathways and transformed right into a kind that can be utilized in biochemical reactions by way of the cell and the physique. Please use the Harvard Referencing System all through. Any diagrams, figures or information have to be referenced throughout the textual content and included in the bibliography. The utmost similarity rating is 30%. (I'll test the rating in case widespread phrases or scores take you over that stage). References within the bibliography is not going to be taken under consideration for the similarity rating. If essays are copied a zero mark can be assigned to all related essays. There isn't any minimal or most phrase rely. You simply want to inform the total story